Precious Pillowcases

Once upon a child when I was in my first bed, my mom made me a pillow case and that very pillowcase is the one I took to college with me.  Now, 13 years after I took that pillowcase to college with me, it is still in my linen closet.  In fact, I think I used it for the first couple years of my marriage.  Then, I thought it was best that I retire the pillowcase with my name embroidered on it. 

Now, I want my children to have the same strange attachment to a pillowcase.  I took my littles to the fabric department the last time we were at good ole Wal-Mart.  My 5 year old picked out ballet fabric and I picked Thomas fabric for my 2 year old.   It took about a month for me to drag out my sewing machine, but it did happen….you can close your mouth now, I saw it drop open. 

Over the weekend, I made the pillowcases and ironed on a patch with the initial on it.  They will be super special to them; I hope….lots of love went into those suckers. 

The joke is on me, though.  I was on the phone with my sister in the last week where I told her I made these pillowcases.  She laughed and said “Mom didn’t make those, she just stitched on them.”  Haha – I maybe took the pillowcase thing a tiny bit too literally, but they will be loved!


Dressing Up Tippy Toes

My lovely and dainty 5 year old daughter walks on her toes a lot.  When she prances through the house, she is on her toes.  When she runs through the yard, she is on her toes.  When she walks to the bathroom, she is on her toes.  You get the idea.  So, it is very hard to have her wear “flat” style shoes.  She loves the look of the shoes, which is why she begs for them, which is why she has some! (don’t judge me, please!)

Her feet are also wide.  – Double Whammy.  For her pink Easter dress, I did not want to have to buy new white shoes that she would wear once.  We usually buy her a pair of dressy sandals in the summer and she wears those to church, so she didn’t need white dressy shoes for the summer.   It just so happened that we had a pair of flats that would fit her and matched the dress.  Only problem – her toes walking made them come off.  So, I used a little hot glue and solved the problem! 

First, gather the necessary items:

Shoes, ribbon, glue gun


Cut the ribbon into 4 equal and appropriate lengths, I cut mine about 11 inches, which was way too long, we had to trim it quite a bit, I would say 7 or so inches would be enough.

Now, using the glue gun, glue a piece of ribbon to the part of the shoe where you would like the tie to go. 

There you have it!  Added ties onto “flat” style shoes! 

How to – Hard Boiled Eggs

Nine years ago, at my bridal shower, the invitations contained a recipe card where guests were supposed to copy a great recipe and bring it to the shower.  A few days later, as I went thought the cards, one elderly woman from church had written a recipe for hard boiled eggs.  Hard Boiled Eggs.  I thought she had lost her marbles, but it turns out some people just don’t know how to boil eggs.  And, admittedly, I have used her “recipe” time and again.  Here it is:

Hard Boild Eggs

Cover eggs with cold water in a pan.  Add a dash of salt and bring to a slow boil.  Remove from heat to stand in water for 20 minutes, then plunge in cold water.  When cold, refrigerate until ready to use.

If you are going to dye them, I would not refrigerate, I would just use them when they are room temp….but that is just me, what do I know??