Microscopic Financial Goals

The hubby and I have big financial goals. But more than that, I need microscopic goals.  I need the goal to save $5 at the grocery store this week.  I have no problem taking larger amounts out of our checking account to save and for bigger purposes.  My problem lies with the “it is just $1” mentality.  I know it is o.k. to splurge.  We have bigger things in mind than a carton of ice cream on sale, we want to go back to Disney World, or go on a trip this summer with the kids.  I try to keep myself in check, but its haaarrrrd.



We did it!  And the last few P even read to me!  I have a reader.  A beginning reader, but one nonetheless.   Here is the last book we read, fitting title if I do say so myself! 

And P picked that book out on her own!


Goals for the Week of 4/1/12


1.  Transition 2 year old into toddler bed.  Not all up to me, so we will see! 

2.  Finish planning Easter Brunch for 20 and shop for it.

3.  Take kids to park for a lunch picnic.  Kinda depends on the weather…

4.  Figure out what to do with baby items we do not need anymore…. ongoing – lots of stuff and finding homes for it is hard work!