Welcoming Home a New Baby

No, the baby is not mine.  That makes the welcoming home more fun – you get to decorate and bake and have fun with no pain and no adjustments!  And it is not even to my house.  Ok, I won’t rub that fact into the face of new moms.  I recently watched my nieces while their parents welcomed a new baby girl into the world.  We had a blast making a “Welcome Home” sign.

We also made cupcakes!  Nothing says Birth Day like a giant “cupcake cake”.

And after the big sisters and big cousin decorated:

We even went to the baby’s house and hung up the sign and displayed the cupcakes before the new little one got home.  We did not go all out with streamers and balloons – that would have been a blast and really fun, but I cannot imagine having to clean up old streamers and deflated balloons when the baby is three months old – because that is how it would go at my house.   It would stay up until it decayed, so I kept it simple with a sign and cupcakes!


Easter Brunch

We usually host Easter brunch.  This year my grandparents are home-bound, so we are re-locating the feast to their house. 

The Menu

-Butter Braids


                Almond crème

                Cream Cheese

-Baked Oatmeal

-Scrambled Eggs

-Baked Oatmeal


Not having the brunch at my house does come with a positive side.  My Poppy can put things in the oven while we are at church….a definite plus for eating in a timely manner.

How to – Hard Boiled Eggs

Nine years ago, at my bridal shower, the invitations contained a recipe card where guests were supposed to copy a great recipe and bring it to the shower.  A few days later, as I went thought the cards, one elderly woman from church had written a recipe for hard boiled eggs.  Hard Boiled Eggs.  I thought she had lost her marbles, but it turns out some people just don’t know how to boil eggs.  And, admittedly, I have used her “recipe” time and again.  Here it is:

Hard Boild Eggs

Cover eggs with cold water in a pan.  Add a dash of salt and bring to a slow boil.  Remove from heat to stand in water for 20 minutes, then plunge in cold water.  When cold, refrigerate until ready to use.

If you are going to dye them, I would not refrigerate, I would just use them when they are room temp….but that is just me, what do I know??