Making Money from Home

Sometimes I want to *literally* bang my head against the wall.  I am guessing a small subset of stay at home moms feel the same way.  Okay, maybe a large subset.    And to your surprise, it is not even because of my kids.  I get very frustrated because I believe with every passion of my being that there is *something* out there that I can do at home to bring in some income.  Will I ever find it?  That is the proverbial Holy Grail.   Instead of the aforementioned head banging, I have decided to do what I can to remove the excess clutter from our home for the time being.   I will sell/try to sell the excess on Craigslist and eBay.  Only time will tell. 

My first set of “stuff” went on Craigslist last week, only one thing sold.  It was a bunch of big baby items.  I will try again this week, listing them on Friday to see if I get more traffic.  Also, I might slash a few prices! 

I also need to figure out if garage sales are worth the time and effort involved.   I think maybe so, but I might try to organize a neighborhood sale.  That would mean going door to door, and well, that is just not me.  I can try to step outside of my comfort zone…..


Money Can Save Your Marriage?!

There is so much financial info out there; it is online, in books, in magazines, on TV – and mainly just in your face.   Jean Chatzky was in a segment on the Today Show this morning with financial tips.  I am one of those people who tries to listen to most financial advisors, but do not think one has all the answers.  My husband and I use a lot of info from Dave Ramsey and a lot of info from Suze Orman.  We pick and choose what is personally best for us. 

In her segment this morning, Chatzky said that couples who are able to accumulate $10,000 in assets together are less likely to get divorced than those with no assets.  70% less likely.  That is a lot.   People who are able to save might be more attracted to people who have the same qualities, or they might be more patient in general, with good prices or with spouses.   I do not have the answer why that is the case, but thought it was an interesting fact. 

So, now, you have one more reason to save.  It could mean your marriage.

See the segment here:

Microscopic Financial Goals

The hubby and I have big financial goals. But more than that, I need microscopic goals.  I need the goal to save $5 at the grocery store this week.  I have no problem taking larger amounts out of our checking account to save and for bigger purposes.  My problem lies with the “it is just $1” mentality.  I know it is o.k. to splurge.  We have bigger things in mind than a carton of ice cream on sale, we want to go back to Disney World, or go on a trip this summer with the kids.  I try to keep myself in check, but its haaarrrrd.