Microscopic Financial Goals

The hubby and I have big financial goals. But more than that, I need microscopic goals.  I need the goal to save $5 at the grocery store this week.  I have no problem taking larger amounts out of our checking account to save and for bigger purposes.  My problem lies with the “it is just $1” mentality.  I know it is o.k. to splurge.  We have bigger things in mind than a carton of ice cream on sale, we want to go back to Disney World, or go on a trip this summer with the kids.  I try to keep myself in check, but its haaarrrrd.


Watch your Statements! – Or better yet, stop them?!

Yahoo released a news story this afternoon describing Bank of America’s change in fee policies and a big change in free checking.  Some customers will start to be billed for monthly statements and/or visiting a teller.  Read the article here.  Basically, if you still have a traditional bank account, watch your statement for charges for paper statements or bricks banking!   I’m not saying it will happen to you, just make sure you read your statement!  Or better yet, according to Band of America, log on to see your statement!