Precious Pillowcases

Once upon a child when I was in my first bed, my mom made me a pillow case and that very pillowcase is the one I took to college with me.  Now, 13 years after I took that pillowcase to college with me, it is still in my linen closet.  In fact, I think I used it for the first couple years of my marriage.  Then, I thought it was best that I retire the pillowcase with my name embroidered on it. 

Now, I want my children to have the same strange attachment to a pillowcase.  I took my littles to the fabric department the last time we were at good ole Wal-Mart.  My 5 year old picked out ballet fabric and I picked Thomas fabric for my 2 year old.   It took about a month for me to drag out my sewing machine, but it did happen….you can close your mouth now, I saw it drop open. 

Over the weekend, I made the pillowcases and ironed on a patch with the initial on it.  They will be super special to them; I hope….lots of love went into those suckers. 

The joke is on me, though.  I was on the phone with my sister in the last week where I told her I made these pillowcases.  She laughed and said “Mom didn’t make those, she just stitched on them.”  Haha – I maybe took the pillowcase thing a tiny bit too literally, but they will be loved!


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