Dressing Up Tippy Toes

My lovely and dainty 5 year old daughter walks on her toes a lot.  When she prances through the house, she is on her toes.  When she runs through the yard, she is on her toes.  When she walks to the bathroom, she is on her toes.  You get the idea.  So, it is very hard to have her wear “flat” style shoes.  She loves the look of the shoes, which is why she begs for them, which is why she has some! (don’t judge me, please!)

Her feet are also wide.  – Double Whammy.  For her pink Easter dress, I did not want to have to buy new white shoes that she would wear once.  We usually buy her a pair of dressy sandals in the summer and she wears those to church, so she didn’t need white dressy shoes for the summer.   It just so happened that we had a pair of flats that would fit her and matched the dress.  Only problem – her toes walking made them come off.  So, I used a little hot glue and solved the problem! 

First, gather the necessary items:

Shoes, ribbon, glue gun


Cut the ribbon into 4 equal and appropriate lengths, I cut mine about 11 inches, which was way too long, we had to trim it quite a bit, I would say 7 or so inches would be enough.

Now, using the glue gun, glue a piece of ribbon to the part of the shoe where you would like the tie to go. 

There you have it!  Added ties onto “flat” style shoes! 


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