Making Money from Home

Sometimes I want to *literally* bang my head against the wall.  I am guessing a small subset of stay at home moms feel the same way.  Okay, maybe a large subset.    And to your surprise, it is not even because of my kids.  I get very frustrated because I believe with every passion of my being that there is *something* out there that I can do at home to bring in some income.  Will I ever find it?  That is the proverbial Holy Grail.   Instead of the aforementioned head banging, I have decided to do what I can to remove the excess clutter from our home for the time being.   I will sell/try to sell the excess on Craigslist and eBay.  Only time will tell. 

My first set of “stuff” went on Craigslist last week, only one thing sold.  It was a bunch of big baby items.  I will try again this week, listing them on Friday to see if I get more traffic.  Also, I might slash a few prices! 

I also need to figure out if garage sales are worth the time and effort involved.   I think maybe so, but I might try to organize a neighborhood sale.  That would mean going door to door, and well, that is just not me.  I can try to step outside of my comfort zone…..


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