I HEART Beverly Cleary.

I really, really do. 

Her books made me giggle in the third grade, and they still do.  Plus, now I get to read them with my 5 year old….who also loves them.   The Ramona Series is fabulous.   The writer’s flow is perfect; I have no trouble reading them aloud.  Trust me, we have read a LOT of books.  Some are just plain hard. to. read. outloud.  They don’t flow.  The words don’t mesh.  The story is sloppy.*  (I won’t mention the ones I know, because I am sure you are naming your own in your head.)  Beverly is a genius.  That is my story and I am sticking to it. 

We just started Henry Huggins.  He makes me less sad that we read all the Ramona books because Henry has some crazy ideas too!    


*Disclaimer – I am in no way a book critic.  I just enjoy reading with my kids!


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