PBS Kids Discussion #2

Super Why

Z as Super Why

On my scale of 1-10 for children’s programming, I give ‘Super Why’ a 9.  Super Why is the reason my 2 year old knows every. single. letter.  Even lowercase ones.  He knows them out of order, on signs, on clothing, in the bath-tub.  Z, my two year old, started watching Super Why at about a year old and called it “soup” he started with the letter recognition at about 18 months.   He was even Whyatt for Halloween last year. 

‘Super Why’ also helps my 5 year old with sounding out words and letter sounds, so even though she knows her letters, she can participate in the show as well.   

Now, I do not recommend letting your child watch hour upon hour of ‘Super Why’, but if he or she enjoys it, I do not think a few episodes here and there will hurt, in fact, it might even help.


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