Critical Moms

Critical Moms.  I was almost one last Saturday.  I witnessed this mom at the library who was yelling across the room to her son.  I was like ‘what the heck’.  Stop reading ‘People’ and go see what he wants.  I’m all for yelling in the comfort of home, but not really in the library. 

I had it all planned in my head how I was going to write up what went on in the library that day – because believe me, it was waaay more than the paragraph above….

Then I went to check out my books – The librarian and I started chatting about life in general.  I told her about my boy who escaped the library the other day and how bad spirited he is.  She told me about her equally spirited son, once upon a time, 30+ years ago.  Then she said it – “But you have it much worse than I did…..Mom’s your age can be so critical”.  Yep, she’s right, and I suppose I’m guilty.


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