PBS Kids

Welcome to our ongoing discussion of PBS Kids programming. 

I have become an expert of sorts the past five-and-a-half years.  If my kids are watching T.V., they are watching PBS.  I allow an occasional Disney Show (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Little Einstiens*) and have been allowing a tiny bit of Nick Jr. (Oliva).  The Nick Jr. was viewed out of necessity.  We were on vacation, and the local PBS did not show kids programming in the afternoon = emergency.

First up – Arthur.  Based on the books by Marc Brown.  Arthur is only somewhat annoying.  On a scale of wanting to claw my eyes out = 1 and wanting to watch it every day with my kids= 10, I would give it an 8 or so.  The story lines are pretty true to a preschooler or grade schooler’s problems.   As an adult, I can see how the episodes relate to what is going on in my 5 year old’s life.   Arthur = general life lessons for social life. 


*Do they even make Little Einsteins anymore?   That should be a testament to how much we stray from our PBS shows!


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