Money Can Save Your Marriage?!

There is so much financial info out there; it is online, in books, in magazines, on TV – and mainly just in your face.   Jean Chatzky was in a segment on the Today Show this morning with financial tips.  I am one of those people who tries to listen to most financial advisors, but do not think one has all the answers.  My husband and I use a lot of info from Dave Ramsey and a lot of info from Suze Orman.  We pick and choose what is personally best for us. 

In her segment this morning, Chatzky said that couples who are able to accumulate $10,000 in assets together are less likely to get divorced than those with no assets.  70% less likely.  That is a lot.   People who are able to save might be more attracted to people who have the same qualities, or they might be more patient in general, with good prices or with spouses.   I do not have the answer why that is the case, but thought it was an interesting fact. 

So, now, you have one more reason to save.  It could mean your marriage.

See the segment here:


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