The Great Oatmeal Revolt

In no intentional move of mine, I have not bought cold cereal in over three months.   I joined weight watchers and have been eating oatmeal for breakfast.  Since I have the oatmeal out and made, I feed it to the kids too.   The savings is two-fold – A bowl of oats (1/3 Cup Old Fashioned Oats + 1 T brown sugar) costs just pennies.  I buy the oats and brown sugar from Costco.  The big bag above comes in a pack of 2 for 7.99 (10 lbs total).  I usually add a splash of milk to the baby’s bowl to cool it down.  The second way of saving with oatmeal is I am not buying snacks for mid-morning.   This move probably saves buying a bag of goldfish a week @ $1.5, that savings is not too shabby.     Savings = Approx $6/month + the cost of cold cereal ($8/month) = $14 a month in savings.  And that is the conservative side! 

Three solid months of oatmeal is bound to lead to some kind of revolt.  It hasn’t happened yet, but if when it does, I need to find some filling replacements for cold cereal!


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