A Tale of Two Vomits

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.   Well, the first time it happened really was the best….we were getting fried chicken for dinner.  Yum!  I was at the deli counter at the local grocery store ordering an 8 piece meal when I felt warm gooeyness all down my shirt.  I knew what happened, just didn’t know how to react.  Then the deli lady says to me “Um, your baby just threw up on you.”   When I say in my head “No, really?  I never would have noticed! “  Then, the other deli lady runs around the counter with a roll of paper towels and sends me on my way.    Z was 1 when this happened.  My hubby gladly volunteered to go back for dinner while I put baby Z to bed.   So, after all was said and done, I guess I got to eat my fried chicken without interruption.

The second time did not go as smoothly.  Z was 2 and insisted on walking through Aldi.   We had just passed the produce when I started hearing “mama, mouf hurt”  “mama, mouf hurt”  Which is apparently baby speak for I’m gonna  Ralph and I’m gonna do it soon.  It started in the main aisle, but I got him moved to the side aisle.  It was a big goopy mess.  I sent P, who is 5, to the counter to tell a worker what happened.  Meanwhile, Z slides around in the vomit and falls, all over front and back!  P comes back and I send her to the aisle I can see where the paper towels are.  She grabs the more expensive package and I make her take it back for the cheaper version.  We open the paper towels and clean up – at this point, I didn’t think the worker was ever coming.  She did come over and she even took the dirty towels out of my cart.  So, I guess I will shop at Aldi again – if they’ll have me! 

If that story didn’t make you smile – this will.  P, talked non-stop the entire time – mainly asking me what was in the throw-up. 

“Mommy, what are those orange things?”

“Z had oranges for lunch, P”

“Mommy, what is that white stuff?” 

“Z had a butterfly cake after lunch, P”

And so on…..


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