Toddler Bed Update

I posted my goals for this week on Sunday.  We have hopes for moving our 2 year old into his toddler bed, but that is not looking too good.   Last night, he actually got in the bed, so that is a win – he’s never voluntarily gotten in the toddler bed.  I sat with him for a few minutes, but that proved to be a game of pretending to have his eyes shut.  So, I left the room. 

 It took about 30 seconds for him to do the same. 

I tried putting him back in bed.  It worked for about 10 seconds and involved crying.  Part of me thinks he is just not ready to be out of his crib.  I guess he feels safe in it.  I rocked him for a few minutes and he got straight into his crib and went right to sleep. 

Please don’t accuse me of babying him.  He is my baby!


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