Craigslist Success. Yes and No.

This week, I sold our Sit N Stand Stroller for a little less than I had wanted to, but it is gone from my garage and I have a little extra cash to play with, or sock away.  Most likely sock away.  I will re-list the other baby items when they expire on Saturday morning – I hope re-listing them for less money will help them to evacuate my garage.

I really thought there would be more of a market for used baby items – maybe when I lower the price.  I mean, most items I listed were $30-$40 and looked barely used.  I am hoping another small price reduction will help them to sell.


eBay Listings

I have 13 active listings on eBay right now.  One sold right away and I shipped it out, but the others are getting views and no bids.  5 more days on those, so I can hopefully update that to status to sold! 

I am selling a lot of my daughter’s spring clothes, a sweater, some misc. adult clothing, a Mickey Mouse stroller fan that we got a Disney World, a page of coupons from a magazine, and a few cookie cutters.

I am trying to test the water for good re-sell items. 

Also on the goal list for the next few weeks is to try to find something that I can sell on eBay or Etsy that I can make, that is unique and that will be worth my while to make it.   Hair pins?  That is the only idea I have so far, but I would really like to think of something simple for me to make that is also useful.  Wait- I just described the perfect invention.  Ok – as always, we’ll see.

PBS Kids Discussion #3

Curious George

I heart Curious George.  Not only is he a curious little monkey, he actually teaches science skills to my children.   My 5 year old works on the computer with me on the website to do Curious George estimation and other fun games. 

Rating = 9  Just about my favorite episode is the Donut Episode.  The man with the yellow hat asks George to get 10 dozen donuts.  Not understanding a dozen, George changes the order to 100 dozen or so.  It’s pretty amusing as far as children’s programming goes. 

The man with the yellow hat also has some funny lines – not sure if they are meant to be caught that way by the viewing adults, or if I am just giddy whilst watching. 

Totally off subject, but the Curious George Christmas special, ‘A Very Monkey Christmas’ is becoming my favorite children’s Christmas Special.  If you haven’t seen it, you need to.  Oh yeah, and so do your kids.