Costco Cake all Jazzed up!

I love the look of bakery cakes that go with the theme of the party I am throwing.  My pocketbook does not like the price tag!  We talked together and compromised….  I have been doing this for a few years of birthdays and I have always luckily found a design that works with the party theme.  Our Costco cakes are 17.99 for a cake that serves 48.  Pretty economical for the time I spent making the cake!  🙂 

For Z’s Thomas Party, I ordered the generic balloon cake and specified the colors on the cake.  I then took a piece of track we had from a Thomas set and fit it onto the cake.  Then all I had to do was find a few of Z’s favorite trains and add them to the track.  easy peasy. Do you spy the expensive Thomas tablecloth under the cake?  I used one cover and cut it to fit both the kitchen table and the buffet.  Yay!


One thought on “Costco Cake all Jazzed up!

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