Baby Shower on the Cheap!

Last week, I posted a Diaper Cake tutorial.  I recently co-hosted a baby shower.   I used brown tulle circles with 3 Ghirardelli chocolates tied with a coordinating colored yarn (in top part of photo below).  I also made “haystacks” with coordinating colored sixlets, you could also use jelly beans here to look like eggs.  Sixlets is what the store I went to had, so I went with it. 

My 5 year old helped with the fork-ed cakes.  They didn’t turn out very well and I am not sure I would make them again, but we had fun making them!   

The food was ultra easy and cheap-ish.  We had chicken tacos with corn casserole and appetizers of cheese/crackers and a veggie tray.  We were going to have Spanish rice which would also have been economical, but I guess I have not learned my lesson on experimentation on the day of a party!    Everyone had a great time, and I guess that is all that really matters!


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