Failure #2

I again used the shared eBay account to sell a couple more clothing items I have found around the house.

I got a sweater for Christmas last year that will not fit me and let’s face it, never will.   I sold it for 1.25 with 3.95 shipping.  Sounds great until I tell you I had to pay 7.90 to ship it.  Lesson #2 Learned: Figure out the shipping costs….accurately.  Guessing will not do it. 

I also sold a pair of Children’s Place jeans.  $1.04 plus 3.95 shipping.  Not too bad either?  Wrong.  $3.80 shipping.  UGH.  Refer back to Lesson #2. 

I also sold another pair of little girl jeans – but have yet to be paid….so we’ll see. 


On top of 3 sales, I had 4 auctions that did not sell.  3 NWT (new with tags) pairs of junior jeans, and the toddler jeans (again).

So, at the end of this week, it occurred to me that the eBay account I share with my sister has its own email (we are big dorks) and that I have no idea how to get into it.  It also occurred to me that I would need to receive emails from eBay if I am ever going to make money or have more than 3 listings!    Then I got a new eBay user name.  Problem:  I am listed as 0 sales.  Ok, this might take a while to get going.


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