Failure #1

I used the eBay account I had shared with my sister for re-sale of an iXL Fisher Price Toy Story Game (a duplicate) and Leapfrog Tag reader book.  My daughter has tons of Tag books and we had not opened this book after a year of owning it.  I also listed a new with tags (NWT) pair of toddler jeans from Kohl’s that did not sell. 

The Leapfrog book sold for 5.19 with 3.95 shipping. 

The iXL game sold for 12.50 with 3.95 shipping. 

Not too bad, but we still lost money since the iXL game was $20sih new and the Tag book was $11.99 new.    The shipping I charged just about covered the shipping cost, but I did not take into account that eBay charges a 9% fee on the final sale price + shipping.  That’s + shipping!  Then I log into my PayPal account and they charge .30 + 2.9%.  

So, I should have checked the fees better.  Ok. Lesson #1 Learned.


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