Train Cookies

To go with Z’s Thomas themed party, I wanted to make some kind of train cookie.  I used this cookie recipe minus all the spice stuff – to give me a basic sugar cookie.  I chilled the dough over night and then let it sit out for about an hour and it was great to work with.  

I found a train cookie cutter at our local re-sale shop – after I searched online and the cheapest I found was about $7 including shipping.  I got a great find for a $.25 cutter at the re-sale shop!

 I baked the cookies and then used this glaze to ice them.  These were by far the best tasting  “decorated” cookie I have made. 


Thomas the Train Party Games

Pin the Train on the Track

We played pin the train on the track.  I simply purchased a white cardboard (for $.30) and had my 5 year old draw a track.   We used Thomas stickers to “pin” on the track and an old scarf we used as a blindfold.  The kids had a blast.

Disclaimer:  I am not a photographer.  Sorry about the bad photo, but you get the idea. 

Pic of winning Trains.

Toss the Coal

I had a basket from the dollar store I used as Thomas’ funnel and crumpled up some aluminum foil as the tossing “coal”. 

The kids took turns tossing the coal and when they got all 3 pieces in, they got a prize.  The prizes were in the basket and were snack sized baggies filled with mini candies.

Thomas the Train – Birthday Bash!

Thomas Birthday Bash

My 2 year old son loves is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine and all of his steamy friends!  This made an easy decision when it came to party time!  We had all the essential elements for a successful party and we did not break the bank.

We got a Costco Cake and Jazzed that puppy up!

We dipped double stuffed Oreos in party colors to look like Train Wheels.

We had train cookies!


Can you tell my boy inherited my ultra sweet tooth??

Favors consisted of train conductor hats and a train whistle.  I got favors for twelve kids for approx. $30.  Yes, a little expensive, but not when I count the time I saved not filling a goodie bag and those little “goodies” add up fast!

Games tomorrow!